Wedding Wednesday: The Flowers

UD7A3402With a few photos saved from Pinterest onto the iPad and a head full of dreams, I stopped for my appointment at the local flower shop.  Initially I had planned on growing and arranging all of my flowers but when it got closer to our wedding date, I gave in!  I decided I would put together all of the flowers for the reception tables and hire a professional for the bridal party flowers.

I have lived in the small town of Wheatland my whole life.  I can’t remember too many times that I found what I needed in our small town.  Usually it required a trip to Yuba City or Roseville to get things done.  Not this time!

Every step in planning a wedding shouldn’t be a big to-do.  It will help you to treat your wedding like any other project you have.  That is what worked for me anyway.  It is less daunting if you take it day-by-day and project-by-project.  I made lists and slowly but surely attacked each project until completion.

I chose my wedding vendors based on the following: 1) family and friends’ recommendations, 2) reviews from the internet, 3) reviewing the quality of their past work, and 4) customer service starting from the moment I made my initial contact.  I had one disappointing consultation with a local florist that I had always heard great things about, which led to making an appointment with the florist in Wheatland.

I’m glad I decided to give Wheatland Florist a shot because Yolanda and her team did a fantastic job!  I only gave her about two weeks to prepare.  I shared a few pictures, gave her a list of a few flowers I cannot stand and an overall theme “simple and country”.  She took over from there and designed my bridal party’s bouquets and boutonnieres.  She also made corsages for our mothers  and grandmothers, and boutonnieres for our fathers.  The flowers were top quality and stayed fresh all day long through the 111 degree heat!  They held together and looked perfect throughout the whole event.

Before you look anywhere else, try shopping local.  Not only is it good for your community, but can sometimes turn out for the better.  Small town businesses often get overlooked.  Wheatland Florist’s prices were phenomenal and compared to the other florists I consulted and their customer service was fantastic.  The cost of the flowers was the best surprise!  They were within my budget and significantly less than the other quotes I had received.  Now I’m a loyal Wheatland Florist customer!  I hope you will give them a try too!


bride’s bouquet




groom’s boutonniere


bridesmaid’s flowers


junior bridesmaids’ flowers

Photography by Samantha Prather Photography