Wedding Wednesday: Save The Date

Send a save the date postcard. You save postage and don’t run the risk of a regular envelope getting thrown out with the junk mail. I incorporated one of our engagement photos so the recipient would see us and know it was important! There are many clever options but none are as efficient, effective and budget-friendly as the postcard.




My favorite part about stalking 10-16 yr old girls on Instagram is what I learn about the newest trends and happenings of pop culture.  Since I don’t watch TV much I miss out on a lot of that (ie: twerking).   This is what I like to call ignorance by choice because I generally don’t care and don’t want to know about a lot of it.  Ignorance is bliss (sometimes).

First, let me explain before I creep anyone out…I just follow these kids because I care about them and like to see what they are up to.  They are friends’ kids, neighbors and relatives.  No need to report me!  I promise!

TBH is the latest.  Thank you fellow Instagrammer Miss. Dilemma for explaining last night via IG that TBH means “to be honest”.  After that explanation, I asked her if it meant that the rest of the time she was lying.  I soon gathered that it is a cousin twice-removed to “truth or dare”.  How it works: you post “TBH” on your Facebook or Instagram, then say something nice, or “true” about the people who like/comment on the post.  Now you know.

End post. No TBH for liking/commenting btw.

Need more info, consult my favorite, not-so-appropriate source: