Wedding Wednesday: Save The Date

Send a save the date postcard. You save postage and don’t run the risk of a regular envelope getting thrown out with the junk mail. I incorporated one of our engagement photos so the recipient would see us and know it was important! There are many clever options but none are as efficient, effective and budget-friendly as the postcard.



Chipotle takes on Big Food with animated Scarecrow


Beef Runner

chipotle big food scarecrow advertisementDo you remember the 2011 advertisement released from Chipotle restaurants? The one with Willy Nelson singing about progress and science and where Chipotle urged us to go Back to the Start. I wrote a few comments about the controversial campaign on this blog. The company has had a building campaign based on concepts like Food with Integrity and asking us to Cultivate a Better World. As Daren Williams pointed out, Chipotle’s marketing campaigns don’t come with much integrity.

This time, they’re at it again. Chipotle released a video yesterday featuring a Scarecrow working for Crow Foods which represents Big Food in this country. The 3 minute video relies heavily on the depiction that modern food production is an industrial factory process. There are cows and chickens in confinement, being pumped with what is assumed to be antibiotics and hormones. Things which Chipotle denounces in food production.

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My favorite part about stalking 10-16 yr old girls on Instagram is what I learn about the newest trends and happenings of pop culture.  Since I don’t watch TV much I miss out on a lot of that (ie: twerking).   This is what I like to call ignorance by choice because I generally don’t care and don’t want to know about a lot of it.  Ignorance is bliss (sometimes).

First, let me explain before I creep anyone out…I just follow these kids because I care about them and like to see what they are up to.  They are friends’ kids, neighbors and relatives.  No need to report me!  I promise!

TBH is the latest.  Thank you fellow Instagrammer Miss. Dilemma for explaining last night via IG that TBH means “to be honest”.  After that explanation, I asked her if it meant that the rest of the time she was lying.  I soon gathered that it is a cousin twice-removed to “truth or dare”.  How it works: you post “TBH” on your Facebook or Instagram, then say something nice, or “true” about the people who like/comment on the post.  Now you know.

End post. No TBH for liking/commenting btw.

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