About Mindin

Background in Agriculture

My name is Mindin and I’m a sixth generation rancher from Northern California.  My ancestors migrated west and settled in the small rural community of Wheatland during the gold rush.  They tried their luck at mining, but soon figured their purpose was to raise food for the gold miners.  My family has been actively engaged in productions agriculture since.  My late grandfather’s family continues to farm rice and almond orchards.  My grandmother is the daughter of a farmer who had sheep and raised rice and other field crops.  She continues the family tradition by raising commercial and registered Angus cattle.

Livestock Production

I recently married my best friend, Cory.  I met Cory years ago while showing cattle.  Cory and I plan on continuing to raise cattle and to keep our family traditions going strong.  Cory also has a extensive background in production agriculture and cattle ranching.  We sell registered cattle and project steers for kids to take to their county fairs and other show.  Our cattle compete at the local, state and national levels.


I studied Agriculture Business at California State University, Chico and graduated with my bachelor’s degree.  I am currently employed at Rice Lawyers, Inc., a small law firm that focuses on the needs of our farming clients, who are mostly located in Northern California.  I started working for the firm part-time during my undergraduate studies in 2008, and have worked my way up to being a full-time Paralegal.  I’m starting my final year of law school and will take the California Bar Exam in July of 2014.  I hope to make a difference by helping farmers and ranchers stay in business to feed America and the rest of the world!


When we aren’t showing cattle, Cory and I love to cook and tend to our garden.  We have a good sized summer garden.  Our philosophy is that we would like to raise as much of our food as reasonably possible.  Our family feeds and harvests one steer each year to keep in the freezer and use throughout the year.  We grow the majority of our own fruits and vegetables.  We are considering raising a few of our own laying chickens.  We don’t have a milk cow, but do have lots of momma cows running around with babies at their sides who would be good candidates!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Suzie homemaker and I don’t intent to live like a cave-woman!  We just enjoy gardening and cooking together.  We have also started canning and think we are off to a good start.  We will see how long our canned summer crops lasts through the winter.

Why I’m Blogging

I started blogging because I wanted a more convenient way to share the beauty that surrounds me and our fresh new ideas and the spin we put on old family traditions with the world.  I’m hoping this is a more informational way to share and educate the world about production agriculture, land stewardship, animal husbandry and many other topics near and dear to my heart ❤  Plus, I’m convinced that my Facebook and Instagram feeds are going to blow up if I continue posting pictures like I have been recently!  So follow me and I promise to keep this up at least until I get too bogged down with Bar preparation next summer!

❤ Mindin

Disclaimer:  My humor is dry and my motto is be truthful or be quiet.  I like to keep my recipes short and to the point, like I am.  I don’t cook anything too complicated or use any newfangled kitchen doodads.   I’m starting my blog off with recipes but have high hopes to incorporate information about the daily happenings on our ranch.  I’d like to help educate you “the consumer” about beef production and what goes on in the rural parts of America.


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