Pompeño Jelly


See my Pomegranate Jelly post for regular pomegranate jelly and the general jelly making process.  This time I turned it up a notch and incorporated jalapeños from my garden for an extra kick!  I had had about 40 pomegranates, which made about 3 quarts of juice once I strained out the extra pulp that made it through the juicer.


My 40 beautiful poms –>


Juice the poms

The last time I juiced poms (see Pomegrantate Jelly post) we used cheesecloth and carefully separated the seeds (arils) then juiced them.  This time we used a Jack La Lane juicer, cut both ends off of the poms, quartered them and threw them in the juicer.  Including the whole pom seemed to make it have a more distinct pomegranate flavor.  I think this is similar to why people zest oranges and lemons.  The rind has a very strong, distinct flavor.  I would use this method again.  It is quicker and captures all of the pom goodness!


I recommend using a bowl under the container you are collecting juice in.  This minimizes the juice wasted and helps with the mess.


Infuse the juice with jalapeño

I used my small chopper.  I poured in some juice, cut up two small jalapenos and threw them in, seeds and all!  I chopped for about 2 minutes.  I then ran the juice through a strainer to strain the big chunks of jalapeno and seeds out.  The more adventurous may want to keep the chunks.  Since this was an experiment I erred on the side of caution.



So I made 2 regular batches of Pomegrantate Jelly and one trial batch of pompeño jelly!


For the basic process, see my Pomegrantate Jelly post.  The main things to remember are add the pectin to the pom juice and stir constantly over high heat…


Add the sugar once the mixture has come to a full rolling boil that cannot be stirred down.  Then, boil for one minute.


Follow the direction on the Pomegrantate Jelly post and you will end up with beautiful jars of jelly that will be a nice sweet treat to spread on toast or a biscuit on a cold winter day.


Canning and home preserving has been a lovely new venture for us.  I love the fact that you can put the taste, smell and feel of a summer or fall fresh fruit or vegetable in a can to later be opened and enjoyed.  It is a fabulous feeling!  It is a labor of love and I love the whole process.  Stay classy my friends!


3 thoughts on “Pompeño Jelly

  1. This sounds so good. I love how you paired the pomegranate with the jalapenos. This summer I purchased a jar of cranberry and jalapeno jelly and it goes deliciously well with cream cheese and crackers. I have been wanting to learn how to can for quite some time so that I could do some of this myself, but until then I will continue to observe the makings of other people. I never really thought about putting jalapenos with fruit to make a delicious jelly but it truly is a wonderful idea that combines the sweet with a kick. I honestly never would have though about using pomegranate, but it looks and sounds amazing. There are so many possibilities through agriculture to make delicious food. Thank you for the great idea and recipe!

    • Glad you liked it! I googled it and cranberry jalapeño came up! I kinda just winged it! I think it will also make an excellent glaze for BBQ chicken ad turkey! Start canning you will love it! Just stick to the recipes and its a piece of cake!

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